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               Brian M. Antman CPA, CA
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               Christina Ajith CPA, CA
               David McWhirter CPA, CA
               Gary F. Fitzgibbon CPA, CA
               Glen MacMillan CPA, CA
               Jeff Bondar
               Jan Kundakci CPA, CA
               John P. Seychuk CPA, CA
               Leanne Mongiat CPA, CA
               Max Ermakov CPA, CA
               Shanon Hawkshaw CPA, CA
               Tony Sokic CPA, CA
               Andrew McConnell CPA, CA
               Andrew Klunowski CPA, CA
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               2018 Updates on ASPE, NPO and Assurance Standards Sep.18, 2018
               ASPE and NPO Presentation Oct 26, 2016
               Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises and Not-for-Profits September 23, 2015
               Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises and Not-for-Profits November 14, 2014
               CGA Presentation March 26, 2014 - Audit Preparation
               Condominiums ? An auditor?s perspective
               HST Seminar Presentation
               Accounting Standards for Private Enterprise, A Case Study
               ASPE Update and Prep YE
               ASPE vs IFRS
               ASPE Presentation 9.24.2013
               Final ASPE Presentation 9.26.2012
               ASPE Presentation March 2012
               ASPE Update and Prep YE - March 2011
               ASPE vs IFRS - Sept 2011
               ASPE A Case Study - Fall 2010
               Wills and Power of Attorney
               Disaster Recovery Planning
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               Blair Spinney
               Brian M. Antman
               David McWhirter
               Gary F. Fitzgibbon
               Glen MacMillan
               John P. Seychuk
               Leanne Mongiat
               Shanon Hawkshaw
               Tony Sokic
               Christina Ajith
               Jan Kundakci
               Jeff Bondar
               Max Ermakov
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