Meet the A+M team: Peter and Michael Kozikowski

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Meet the A + M team Michael and Peter Kozikowski

Welcome to our new blog series: Meet the A+M team. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing you to some of our team members, sharing their professional stories and details about their experience and expertise. We wanted to kick off the series with a very unique story—a profile on the A+M father-son tandem of Peter and Michael Kozikowski.

When Peter Kozikowski joined Adams + Miles after emigrating to Canada from his native Poland, he didn’t realize that it would be the start of a long career at our firm as an accounting technician—managing personal and corporate taxes and client accounts—and that he would eventually earn the distinction of being one of our longest-tenured team members.

What is clear is that Peter liked what our workplace had to offer.  

“I started 25 years ago when Chris Masin was still the managing partner,” he recalls of the firm’s previous incarnation as Adams, Masin & Tilley. “I think the partners have always been great people to work with, and that explains why there’s a large group of staff that have been here for more than 20 years.”

Many of our clients have also relied on the firm for a decade or more—and, in some cases, more than 30 years. Peter credits those long-term relationships to our team’s focus on helping organizations achieve compliance, while taking steps to mitigate the risk of unnecessary complications such a Canada Revenue Agency audit or review. But he also points to our focus on delivering a highly personalized client service experience.

“It’s about asking the right questions in frequent conversations with our clients,” Peter explains. “We try to pick up on details that clients may not think are important or relevant, then use that information to help meet their accounting needs.”

Along the way, Peter’s then-toddler-aged son Michael came onto the scene and would spend time around the office while dad worked. As Michael notes, he essentially grew up around the firm. You might even say that we gave him his first job.

“I remember they had a shredding machine and when I was little, Tony (Sokic, Adams + Miles’ Managing Partner) would give me $5 to shred paper,” he recalls.

Two decades later, Peter encouraged Michael to apply for a summer job at A+M as an accounting assistant, while the younger Kozikowski was still at Carleton University working towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialization in accounting. Michael was hired straight out of school and has been with the firm ever since.

Having worked his way up the ranks to senior accountant since coming on board in 2017, Michael—now 28 years-old—currently manages corporate assurance matters for a range of clients, leading his team in audits and review engagements. He says one of the most rewarding aspects of the role is helping small to medium-sized organizations (including many charities and not-for-profits) meet their accounting and compliance obligations when they don’t have in-house finance staff to manage the task. That’s when they rely on the expertise of the A+M team to deliver effective advice.

“It’s also nice watching a client’s company grow every year and being a part of their progress,” Michael says.  

The Kozikowskis agree that one of the biggest factors behind their decision to build careers at the firm is the workplace culture. From promoting work-life balance to providing exposure to various industries, the leadership group has long focused on helping team members develop their skills and gain invaluable experience they wouldn’t necessarily build at another firm.

“I feel that our rapport with clients is very strong,” Michael explains. “It’s exciting to serve a diverse group of companies and organizations, and that provides our team with opportunities to grow as professionals. It really is a special place to work.”

The A+M team

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